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We are living in a time of technological innovation and society is starting to wake up to a new era. As more and more stores continue to close down due to a shift in consumer spending, new opportunities are emerging. Consumers are buying more goods through the internet and the convenience to purchase via our cell phones has never been easier. Now, we can even have our groceries delivered to our front door with a push of a button. Our country is inevitably going through a shift in the workplace and we must look for new ways to create wealth.

In one of the most contentious elections the United States had ever seen, Donald Trump mentioned that about 70,000 factories had closed and 5 million jobs were lost in manufacturing since 2000 due to trade with Europe, China and other Asian countries that are now part of the 12 nation Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Additionally, the annual wages for full-time American workers without a four-year college degree fell roughly $1,800 in 2011 due to free trade.

Whether you believe that the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement) was good or bad for the USA one thing is evident, the economy has changed and those who adapt will succeed in the future.

It’s important to understand where we are and where we are going. The future will be what I call “The Niche Era.” A new way of life in which we become experts in a specific subject. In essence we focus on creating our own job and we stop depending on other companies to hire us. We become CEOs.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. -Jack Welch”

Although this is not a new concept by any means, it’s certainly gaining force in the Millennial community. When you ask a young graduate, what would you like to do in the future? The vast majority answers, “I want to own my business.”

The option to choose what we want to see, hear, feel, taste and smell is also evident in The Niche Era. For example, now we walk around with earphones listening to our favorite music. We don’t like watching commercials so we pay for services like Netflix, Hulu and Spotify to avoid any unwanted noise in our system. We don’t want to deal with traffic so we take Uber or Lift instead. It certainly has become easier to choose the kind of life we want to live.

The mindset of young professionals has shifted from the old paradigm of wanting to be employed by a company to becoming the employer. So, I dare you to create your dream. I dare you to feel uncomfortable and do what you always wanted to do. I dare you to be different, unique and special. I dare you to be the real “YOU.”

What is your dream?


Most people don’t understand what it really takes to become an entrepreneur. When I started my career, I remember working 7 days a week, making very little money during my first year and at times, even struggling to fill my gas tank. I would venture to say that most people would have given up. It wasn’t easy to say the least but I was determined to succeed nonetheless. Like any new venture, the beginning is challenging but with the right attitude, vision and structure, anything is possible. Here are 7 tips for someone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.

1. Know where you want to end up. Have a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be. With so many opportunities coming our way everyday it’s easy to get derailed from your ultimate goal. Example: Henry Ford knew that he wanted to concentrate his efforts in manufacturing reliable affordable cars for everyone in the United States. Thus, by developing the assembly line, he created the famous model “T” car with an entry price of around $875 dollars for the average American to purchase. Four years later the price dropped to $575. Ford knew his end game.

2. Set weekly goals. There’s no way to measure success without weekly goals. Weekly goals allow you to change direction, try new things and helps you track your accomplishments. It’s also the best way to see what’s working and what’s not. This way, you can add/change anything to stay on track.

3. Set a weekly schedule and don’t break it, even though you don’t officially have a 9-5. This is probably the most challenging tip for me. In the Real Estate industry is very easy to break our schedule. Things come up and we have to work on the fly. We have to make ourselves available for clients 24/7 to move things forward. That said, I still get up at the same time (5am) and look at my schedule before starting my day.

4. Consistency is key. You can be very talented but without consistency you won’t be very successful. A good trick for consistency is to find a friend or co-worker that holds you accountable for your success. I call it, an accountability partner. This can help you tremendously specially when you feel “off.” They will remind you WHY you need to get moving.

5. Create a circle of friends that have similar interests. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times. In Spanish we have an old saying, “Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are.” I couldn’t agree more. Be careful who you chose to be around. They can either help you or bring you down.

6. Love what you do, otherwise it will feel like a “JOB.” As an entrepreneur, it’s even more important to LOVE what you do. Because no one will fire you. You are your own boss. So, unless you are in love with your creation, don’t waste your time.

7. Be patient. Specially now, we live in a society where instant gratification it’s everywhere. Cell phones, microwaves, social media have changed the way we communicate and also have change some of our expectations. But, don’t let it fool you, things take time, sometimes years before you see the fruits of your labor.


We spend most of our life either sleeping or working. The average American currently sleeps about 6.8 hours a day and works full-time around 47 hours a week, which equates to nearly six days a week, according to Gallup. With that in mind, I will tell you why I decided to quit my job.

I remember…

  • Waking up in a bad mood because I couldn’t stand the thought of doing the same thing I’d done the day before.
  • Constantly looking at my watch wondering when it was time to go home.
  • And often asking myself, why do I feel so empty?

For me, the mental shift started back in 2008, when I decided to leave my corporate job to pursue the world of real estate. Back then, I was a manager working for a National Bank making about $70K a year. This was around the same time the economy had collapsed and most of my friends and family members were getting laid off. Tons of people were loosing their job and what did I decide to do? I decided to quit my job. I remember most of my “friends” thought I’d lost my mind. They would say, “Are you crazy? Don’t you realize we are in the middle of a massive recession?”

Below are my top 3 reasons why I decide to quit my job.

Reason #1

I felt empty and uninspired.

Reason #2

I wasn’t making enough $$$ in return for my time. I remember seeing my paycheck one day while I was managing the bank and saying out loud, “This doesn’t make any sense! I work 50 hours a week, I’m bringing in millions of dollars and this is what I get paid?”

Reason #3

My parents got laid off. It was an incredibly shocking experience but it taught me a big lesson. Mom and Dad had been raised with the idea that a job was a safe bet and yet I saw this idea crumble down before my own eyes. They were both highly respected teachers in private schools with over 25 years of experience. So, why did they get laid off?

For starters, the economy was going through a deep recession and many companies across United States were closing down. Companies were re-adjusting their payroll either by cutting labor hours or laying off employees but what impacted me the most was to see how my parents didn’t have any control of the outcome as the employee. This was the first time I got to see a clear advantage to owning a business. I had a huge “aha” moment and decided to start my business right away. My parents job loss became my biggest inspiration to become Self-Employed.

I got my Real Estate license in 2009 during one of the worst real estate markets the United States had ever seen. Prices were down more that 50% and it seemed like everyone was about to lose their home. Some couldn’t pay anymore because they had lost their jobs and others simply because their adjustable interest rate had gone up and the payment had also increased.

I started my real estate career with a long-term vision and a burning desire to succeed. My first year was slow and I made very little money selling a few small homes. In my second year, I partnered up with a top realtor and began to learn the art of selling million dollar listings. I was introduced to all the top players in South Florida and got an opportunity to learn from the best. It was definitely a step in the right direction. Success didn’t happen overnight but the new partnership certainly gave me the tools to become a successful businessman. Before we knew, deals started to close and the partnership grew stronger and stronger. We became great friends and the rest is history. I will forever be grateful to Carlos Justo for the opportunity he caused in my life. Today, I’m living my dream selling Real Estate and coaching entrepreneurs the techniques required to tap into the high-end market.

Anything is possible if really want it. If you’ve been thinking about making a career change but haven’t taken any action, what are you waiting for? Get into action today and start thinking about your future. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’ve been. What matters is the desire to do what truly inspires you. I strongly believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

“If you don’t build your own dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” -Tony Gaskins

Fast forward to 2016, I’m now recognized as one of the top agents in Miami Beach, FL. I had one of the highest sales in Miami-Dade county in 2015 and I’m considered a leading expert in my field having been featured multiple times in prominent publications such as the Miami Herald, the South Florida Business Journal, the Real Deal South Florida Magazine, and the Daily Business Review. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the pleasure to work with top executives, renowned public figures, famed professional athletes, and celebrity clients.

Ask yourself, what inspires you and what drives you? The answer is in your heart and it will lead you in the right direction.

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